Hannah West

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The value of constituent data to the non-profit sector is higher than ever (Hagen, 2006). Yet for small nonprofit organizations in particular, collecting, maintaining, accessing, and summarizing constituent data remains a daunting and frustrating task. This research examines why this is so. Using case studies of two small nonprofit organizations, we(More)
Male care has energetic and opportunity costs, and is more likely to evolve when males gain greater certainty of paternity or when future mating opportunities are scarce. However, little is known about the substantial benefits that males may provide to females and offspring. Using phylogenetic comparative methods and a sample of over 500 mammalian species,(More)
The development of large-scale molecular computational networks is a promising approach to implementing logical decision making at the nanoscale, analogous to cellular signaling and regulatory cascades. DNA strands with catalytic activity (DNAzymes) are one means of systematically constructing molecular computation networks with inherent signal(More)
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