Hannah Weisbecker

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Many treatments for cardiovascular diseases include an endovascular insertion of stents or stent grafts into arteries, a procedure which may cause high tissue stresses and even damage in the arterial wall. In order to study such problems by using finite element methods, both appropriate constitutive models and experimental data on human tissue samples are(More)
Development of aortic aneurysms includes significant morphological changes within the tissue: collagen content increases, elastin content reduces and smooth muscle cells degenerate. We seek to quantify the impact of these changes on the passive mechanical response of aneurysms in the supra-physiological loading range via mechanical testing and constitutive(More)
Structurally motivated material models may provide increased insights into the underlying mechanics and physics of arteries under physiological loading conditions. We propose a multiscale model for arterial tissue capturing three different scales (i) a single collagen fibre; (ii) bundle of collagen fibres; and (iii) collagen network within the tissue. The(More)
In a previous study we were able to accurately fit experimental data on arterial tissues at supra-physiological loads using a material model that accounts for softening/damage only in the portion of the model associated with the collagen fibers (Weisbecker et al., 2012). Naturally, this result leads to the hypothesis that the softening behavior is related(More)
Mental diseases and psychopharmacological drugs are frequently discussed in newspapers and popular magazines. The representations are supposed to have a great impact on people's opinions on the subject. From 1 August 1991 to 31 July 1992 all articles about psychopharmacological drugs and cardiac drugs in 19 German newspapers were collected. All statements,(More)
1. Die Lebensdauer der Trypanosomen im Deckglaspräparat hängt ab vom Sauerstoffgehalt. 2. Bei Dialyse wässeriger Salvarsanlösungen ergibt sich, daß die Abelinsche Probe im Außendialysat bei Neosalvarsan etwa doppelt so schnell positiv wird als bei Neosilbersalvarsan. 3. Bei Auflösung der Salvarsane in Serum zeigt sich eine erhebliche Verzögerung der Dialyse(More)
The continuous progress in medical technology requires more accurate and advanced computational tools for improving medical treatments. Mechanically dominated clinical interventions can be improved by case studies, where an appropriate mechanical description of biological tissues plays a crucial role. The main goal of this contribution is to present the(More)
Finite element models reconstructed from medical imaging data, for example, computed tomography or MRI scans, generally represent geometries under in vivo load. Classical finite element approaches start from an unloaded reference configuration. We present a generalized prestressing algorithm based on a concept introduced by Gee et al. (Int. J. Num. Meth.(More)
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