Hannah Trachtman

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What triggers giving? We explore this in a randomized natural field experiment during the Salvation Army’s annual campaign. Solicitors were at one or both of two main entrances to a supermarket, making the solicitation either easy or difficult to avoid. Additionally, solicitors were either silent, or asked “please give” to passersby. We observed over 17,000(More)
Clinical practice was surveyed over a 4-week period at a sleep-away camp for children ages 9 to 16 years. The facility is located in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania and has an enrollment of 694 campers and 266 adult staff members. There was a total of 895 visits to the infirmary; however, 190 children were evaluated on more than one occasion. Younger(More)
This paper investigates a common yet poorly understood form of corruption, the payment of bribes to acquire public sector jobs. I collect novel data from a hiring process for managerial positions in a developing country health bureaucracy, and find that hires paid large bribes, averaging 17 months’ salary. I then characterize the structure of these markets,(More)
If being asked to give to charity stimulates an emotional response, like empathy, that makes giving difficult to resist, a natural self-control mechanism might be to avoid being asked in the first place. We replicate a result from a field experiment that points to the role of empathy in giving. We conduct an experiment in a large superstore in which we(More)
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