Hannah Thinyane

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BACKGROUND The last decade has witnessed unprecedented growth in the number of mobile phones in the developing world, thus linking millions of previously unconnected people. The ubiquity of mobile phones, which allow for short message service (SMS), provides new and innovative opportunities for disease prevention efforts. OBJECTIVE The aim of this review(More)
0360-1315/$ see front matter 2010 Elsevier Ltd. A doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2010.02.005 * Tel.: +27 46 603 8640; fax: +27 46 636 1915. E-mail address: h.thinyane@ru.ac.za In 2001 Marc Prensky coined the phrase ‘digital natives’ to refer to the new generation of students who have grown up surrounded by technology. His companion papers spurred large amounts of(More)
First appearing in the 1930s, skateboarding is an extreme sport in which a skater rides and performs tricks on a skateboard. Nokia Corp. aimed to augment the skateboarding experience with elements taken from modern video games, by coupling a movement measuring skateboard with a Nokia N8 smartphone. Their original implementation, while functional, had(More)
The digital divide is a term often used to describe differences between rich and poor communities. This term however is more encompassing than that, as it relates to the divide between those who have access to information and communication technologies (ICTs) and those who don't. Due to the small screen size, and resulting small font size and low contrast(More)
Human health is inextricably linked to animal health and production, particularly in developing regions of the world where animals play an important role in communities by providing transportation and food. Many deaths occur each year from a number of well-known and preventable animal diseases that are transmitted to humans, especially in developing(More)
Maillogs contain important information about mail which has been sent or received. This information can be used for statistical purposes, to help prevent viruses or to help prevent SPAM. In order to satisfy regulations and follow good security practices, maillogs need to be monitored and archived. Since there is a large quantity of data, some form of data(More)
The evolution of modern electronic devices is outpacing the scalability and effectiveness of the tools used to analyze digital evidence recovered from them. Indeed, current digital forensic techniques and tools are unable to handle large datasets in an efficient manner. As a result, the time and effort required to conduct digital forensic investigations are(More)
In this paper we discuss the recent expansion of network connectivity within the Siyakhula Living Lab. This is part of an ICT-for-development project located in a rural area on the Wild Coast of South Africa. Thus far, five schools in the area have been the primary points of access to the network for the surrounding communities. Thanks to external funding,(More)
Vision based technology such as motion detection has long been limited to the domain of powerful processor intensive systems such as desktop PC's and specialist hardware solutions. With the advent of much faster mobile phone processors and memory we are now seeing a plethora of feature rich software being deployed onto the mobile platform. Since these high(More)
Daily Not used Daily Not used To play digital music files 62.8% 8.6% 57.7% 7.9% To play games 38.7% 13.0% 19.9% 19.5% To type a document 32.2% 2.2% 31.4% 0.5% To manage or manipulate pictures 14.7% 26.0% – – To create or manipulate images 10.1% 36.7% 6.7% 16.0% To execute commands 9.0% 49.4% – – To create or edit audio and video 8.6% 39.7% 3.7% 52.7% To(More)