Hannah Steinitz

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The profiles of O,, H,S, and pH within a microbial mat of the hypcrsaline pond Solar Lake, Sinai, were measured by 2-208pm-thick microelectrodes during diurnal and artificial light cycles. The oxygen concentration in the photic layer varied from a maximum of 1,400 PM during the day to 0 during the night. The pH in the same layer varied between 9.6 in the(More)
Cyanate, a by-product of urea decomposition, is a potential nitrogen (N) source in marine environments, but to date it has received scant attention. Cyanobacteria presumably acquire this compound via a substrate-specific ABC-type transporter (cynABD), and they convert it to ammonium and carbon dioxide by cyanase (cynS) activity. Participation of cyanate(More)
In this paper hydrographic observations made over a fringing coral reef at the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba near Eilat, Israel, are discussed. These data show exchange flows driven by the onshore–offshore temperature gradients that develop because shallow regions near shore experience larger temperature changes than do deeper regions offshore when(More)
Although pain is traditionally assumed to be poorly localized, recent work indicates that spatial acuity for nociception is surprisingly high. Here we investigated whether the nervous system can also accurately estimate the distance between two nociceptive stimuli. Estimating distance implies a metric representation of spatial relations, a property that(More)
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