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I use this approach for all patients with primary hyperaldosteronism due to a right adenoma. In addition, the approach has been used for other functioning and nonfunctioning adrenal lesions less than 6 centimeters in size, if there is no anatomic or biochemical evidence of a malignant lesion. This approach is not recommended for patients with(More)
The incidence of cervical myelopathy and subluxation was investigated in 48 patients with rheumatoid disease who had three or more major lower limb joint replacements. Eight (17%) developed cervical myelopathy requiring cervical fusion. This was the subsequent cause of death in two. Four further patients demonstrated clinical features of myelopathy.(More)
Treating non-union of humerus fracture is a surgical challenge with variable outcome. We report series of 51 adult patients of aseptic non-union of humerus from 1998 to 2010 treated retrograde humeral nail. The mean age of patient was 54 years with 33 females and 18 males. The mean duration of non-union was 8 months. In 48 out of 51 cases (94 %), union was(More)
The sitting upright or 'beachchair' position is commonly used for shoulder arthroscopic surgery. There is a theoretical concern that anaesthetised patients placed in this posture are at risk of reduced cerebral blood flow (CBF), especially if there is associated hypotension. This study investigated the effect of anaesthetic-induced hypotension on estimated(More)
Five patients with stress fractures of the proximal tibia adjacent to an arthritic knee joint were treated by resurfacing arthroplasty with intramedullary fixation of the fracture. All five fractures healed and limb realignment was achieved. The literature concerning proximal tibial stress fractures in relation to the arthritic knee and the management of(More)
Discography is used as an aid in the diagnosis of back pain related to intervertebral disc pathology. It involves attempting to elicit the patient’s pain symptoms by injecting contrast into the suspected pathological disc. The overall complication rate of discography is low, with discitis being the most common complication and acute disc herniation post(More)
Forty-two uncemented ICLH and Freeman Samuelson knee replacements that required bone grafting for tibial defects were studied before and after operation. The pattern of bone loss, the techniques of grafting, and the soft tissue releases required are described. Union of the graft was observed in 98% of cases, confirming the value of bone grafting in the(More)
It is widely recognised that developmentally appropriate services for adolescents and young people improve both healthcare experience and health outcomes. However, there is limited evidence of using young people's expertise to evaluate services, or of young people participating in service developments or design to meet their healthcare needs. This report(More)
INTRODUCTION the aims of this study was to investigate the post-operative incidence of anterior knee pain and quantify the problem of kneeling in patients who have underwent anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with a bone tendon bone (BTB) graft. METHODS prospective study of 71 male patients who participated in competitive sports and underwent(More)
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