Hannah McDonald

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Selective degradation of single subunits of multimeric complexes by the ubiquitin pathway underlies multiple regulatory switches, including those involving cyclins and Cdk inhibitors. The machinery that segregates ubiquitinated proteins from unmodified partners prior to degradation remains undefined. We report that ubiquitinated Sic1 (Ub-Sic1) embedded(More)
alpha4 integrins are essential for embryogenesis, hematopoiesis, inflammation, and immune response possibly because alpha4 integrins have distinct signaling properties from other integrins. Specifically, the alpha4 cytoplasmic domain binds tightly to paxillin, a signaling adaptor protein, leading to increased cell migration and an altered cytoskeletal(More)
During forebrain development, radial glia generate neurons through the production of intermediate progenitor cells (IPCs). The production of IPCs is a central tenet underlying the generation of the appropriate number of cortical neurons, but the transcriptional logic underpinning this process remains poorly defined. Here, we examined IPC production using(More)
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