Hannah McConnell

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We studied 11 patients with stable multiple sclerosis (MS) with major depression in terms of response to Sertraline at 100 mg q.d. in an open label trial. Patients were evaluated with self assessment measurements (Carroll scale) prior to and during treatment. Only one patient discontinued the drug during the three month treatment trial, and this was due to(More)
Retrospective review of affective disturbances in 238 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) seen over a 6-month period revealed: 1) 51 patients (22%) received pharmacologic treatment for depressive symptoms during or within 4 years of the study period, and 17 (7%) received treatment for rapid mood swings; 2) among the 51 depressed patients, response rate to(More)
Seven patients with refractory seizure disorders and neuropsychiatric symptoms believed secondary to felbamate are presented. Five were on concomitant valproic acid (and other agents). Anergia, apathy, bradyphrenia, and increased irritability were prominent. One patient on felbamate monotherapy had a new-onset psychosis. Felbamate's NMDA receptor antagonism(More)
Contents Social circumstances The UK child population The families children live in The homes children live in Children living in low-income households Education Children in preschool education Children's educational achievement Children's performance at GCSE Children's exclusion and absence from school How children travel to school Health Road deaths among(More)
The cases of 5 patients with seizures occurring the day of or shortly before their weddings are presented. Major life events may precipitate or exacerbate epileptic or nonepileptic seizures as a result of 1) missed medications, 2) sleep deprivation, 3) alcohol or concomitant medications, 4) hyperventilation, or 5) the emotional state directly or stress(More)
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