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The breakdown of Galileo’s Roman network: Crisis and community, ca. 1633
Rome has long been central to the story of Galileo’s life and scientific work. Through an analysis of the metadata of Galileo’s surviving letters, combined with a close reading of the lettersExpand
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Revisiting the Plague in the Age of Galileo
n the midst of the epidemic and in flagrant defiance of public health decrees, armed men, Iwomen, and children from several rural towns gathered with a priest to worship in their church. These eventsExpand
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Science under Inquisition: Heresy and Knowledge in Catholic Reformation Rome
Ugo Baldini; Leen Spruit (Editors). Catholic Church and Modern Science: Documents from the Archives of the Roman Congregations of the Holy Office and the Index. Volume 1: Sixteenth-Century Documents,Expand
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Reading the paper to know the past
Deciphering Galileo: Communication and Secrecy before and after the Trial
Galileo participated in exchanges of encrypted correspondence at key moments in his life. In 1610–11, following the publication of the “Sidereal Messenger,” ciphers helped Galileo to diplomaticallyExpand
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