Hannah MK Smith

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a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: mantle plume seismic tomography plume dynamics shear velocity Seismic detection of a mantle plume may resolve the debate about the origin of hotspots and the role of plumes in mantle convection. In this paper, we test the hypothesis that whole-mantle plumes exist below major hotspots, by quantitatively comparing physically(More)
Changes in cell-surface glycan patterns are markers of the presence of many different disease and cancer types, offering a relatively untapped niche for glycan-targeting reagents and therapeutics in diagnosis and treatment. Of paramount importance for the success of any glycan-targeting reagent is the ability to specifically recognize the target among the(More)
Solid tumours undergo considerable alterations in their metabolism of nutrients in order to generate sufficient energy and biomass for sustained growth and proliferation. During growth, the tumour microenvironment exerts a number of influences (e.g. hypoxia and acidity) that affect cellular biology and the flux or utilisation of fuels including glucose. The(More)
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