Hannah M. Douglas

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Group treatment of clumsy children is one part of a multidisciplinary management programme which is provided at The Adelaide Children's Hospital for children who have multiple handicaps. This study reviews 176 children who were referred for treatment. Clumsiness was the most common reason for referral. Not all children benefited from group treatment, and(More)
Radial access coronary procedures are associated with fewer access site complications compared to femoral access. There is controversy regarding greater radiation exposure to patient and operator using radial access. We aimed to compare radiation dose during coronary procedures for the 2 access routes and assess the effect of operator experience with radial(More)
Strictures in saphenous vein grafts represent a preventable cause of graft failure, but these lesions may remain undetected by standard clinical methods until occlusion occurs. A study has been undertaken using intravenous digital subtraction angiography (I.V. DSA) to determine the incidence of asymptomatic strictures in a series of femoro-popliteal vein(More)
This study reviews 107 obese children who were referred to the gymnasium of the Adelaide Children's Hospital. The majority had multiple handicaps. The treatment involved physical activities in small groups associated with counselling of parents (both individually and in groups) by social workers, dietitians, and doctors. A significant number of children(More)
The current study incorporates concepts from dynamical systems theory (DST) and embodied cognition to propose a novel method of answering traditional questions in social psychology. Namely, we were interested in understanding postural sway complexity during the important interpersonal task of disclosing a hidden stigmatized identity (e.g., mental health(More)
Background Viability testing prior to revascularization in ischaemic cardiomyopathy has courted controversy in the literature over recent years. Viability assessment prior to revascularization at our institution is largely requested for patients with severely impaired left ventricles (LV). This study however aims to review the outcomes of the patients with(More)