Hannah L. Williams

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Normal postnatal development of the scalp-recorded cochlear microphonic (CM) response and brainstem auditory evoked potential (BAEP) were studied in rat pups. BAEP latencies decreased and amplitudes increased as a function of maturation. These changes occurred rapidly between 14 and 23 days of age with gradual change occurring thereafter. The observed(More)
A 28-item questionnaire assessing family values was completed by 191 Vietnamese and 639 Caucasian adolescents in Oklahoma City Public Schools and by about half their parents. Vietnamese refugee parents, regardless of time in the United States, strongly endorsed traditional family values. Vietnamese adolescents tended to reject traditional values. This(More)
Rat BAEPs varied significantly as a function of gender and ethanol sedation as well as stimulus intensity and repetition rate. All BAEP wave latencies decreased and amplitudes increased with increasing stimulus intensity. Contrary to the prevailing view, the I-IV interpeak latency changed significantly as a function of stimulus intensity. In terms of(More)
Bumble bee pollinated Chamaecrista fasciculata provides pollen as the sole reward to its pollinators. Male sterility, expressed as an absence or nearly complete absence of pollen production, occurs in low frequency in populations of C. fasciculata. Here we describe experiments, using C. fasciculata, to examine frequently cited determinants of the spread and(More)
We show how zinc may easily be quantified in serum by first using an optimum concentration of guanidine hydrochloride to cause release of zinc from proteins, followed by complexation of released metals with cyanide. The cyanide complex of zinc is preferentially demasked with chloral hydrate, followed by a colorimetric reaction between zinc and(More)
STUDY QUESTION Are significant abnormalities of CatSper function present in IVF patients with normal sperm concentration and motility and if so what is their functional significance for fertilization success? SUMMARY ANSWER Sperm with a near absence of CatSper current failed to respond to activation of CatSper by progesterone and there was fertilization(More)
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