Hannah L. Thomas

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The innate and adaptive immune systems in the intestine cooperate to maintain the integrity of the intestinal barrier and to regulate the composition of the resident microbiota. However, little is known about the crosstalk between the innate and adaptive immune systems that contribute to this homeostasis. We find that CD4+ T cells regulate the number and(More)
Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), a model for the human disease multiple sclerosis (MS), is dependent upon the activation and effector functions of autoreactive CD4 T cells. Multiple interactions between CD4 T cells and major histocompatibility class II (MHCII)+ antigen presenting cells (APCs) must occur in both the periphery and central(More)
Previous studies have reached conflicting conclusions regarding the proportion of Merkel cell carcinomas (MCCs) that contain the Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCPyV) and the clinical significance of tumor viral status. To address these controversies, we detected MCPyV large T antigen using immunohistochemistry with two distinct antibodies and MCPyV DNA using(More)
2 Overview of aims, methods and findings provided 36 (43.9) Introduction 3 Aims and rationale of the investigation are stated 81 (98.8) Methods 4 Description of the patent records aiming to be collected is provided 78 (95.1) 5 Databases used to collect patent records are disclosed 75 (91.5) 6 Date ranges for any searches conducted are provided 61 (74.4) 7(More)
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