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The 1990s were a period of considerable economic and social instability in Kazakhstan. The current study documents information on the growth performance of children living in Kazalinsk district in the far west of Kazakhstan over this turbulent period. Using anthropometric data of children, from random samples collected in 1992, 1994 and 2000, we investigate(More)
While successful magnetic tumor targeting of iron oxide nanoparticles has been achieved in a number of models, the rapid blood clearance of magnetically suitable particles by the reticuloendothelial system (RES) limits their availability for targeting. This work aimed to develop a long-circulating magnetic iron oxide nanoparticle (MNP) platform capable of(More)
Eight field trials were conducted in 1989 and 1990 in Georgia (USA) and Maryland (USA) to evaluate baits and baiting strategies for delivering oral rabies vaccines to raccoons (Procyon lotor). Bait packets consisting of corn meal and egg batter-based baits enclosed in plastic bags were placed at 1.0-m diameter, raked tracking stations and checked daily.(More)
Studies of biomarkers of putative breast carcinogens, such as DNA adducts, have been limited by the difficulty in obtaining representative ductal epithelial cells (DECs) from breast tissue. In this feasibility study, we sought to ascertain if exfoliated DECs in breast milk could be a source of DNA for biomarker studies. Specimens (n = 38) were collected(More)
The transverse lumbosacral back flap is presented as a good one to use for coverage of sacral defects. Its reliability appears to be due to an axial pattern of its proximal portion, and to an uninterrupted subdermal vascular plexus across the midline of the back (supplying the terminal portion). A retrospective analysis of its use in 20 patients, over the(More)
The tensor fascia lata (TFL) muscle, together with the overlying skin of the anterolateral thigh, makes a reliable musculocutaneous unit. It can be lengthened safely by taking the fascia lata and the skin of the anterolateral mid and lower thigh to within 8 cm of the knee. The skin of the longer flap is supplied by large perforating musculocutaneous(More)