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BACKGROUND Young people's health has emerged as a neglected yet pressing issue in global development. Changing patterns of young people's health have the potential to undermine future population health as well as global economic development unless timely and effective strategies are put into place. We report the past, present, and anticipated burden of(More)
OBJECTIVES We analysed data from a large household survey to identify barriers to healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. METHODS The Saudi Health Interview Survey (SHIS) is a national multistage survey of individuals aged 15 years or older. The survey combined a household questionnaire and a laboratory blood analysis. We used a backward elimination(More)
BACKGROUND There are not enough data on the epidemiology of asthma in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). We analyzed data from a national household survey conducted in KSA in 2013 to estimate prevalence, associated risk factors and control measurements of asthma. METHODS The Saudi Health Interview Survey was a cross-sectional national multistage survey of(More)
The age of onset for tactual exploration of the fingers, body (torso), knee, foot and penis by the fingers was determined in 100 normal infants. Exploration of the mouth, face, head, ears, nose and eyes was also studied by daily observations in the first three days of life in a second sample of 12 normal newborns, and the age of onset was recorded. The data(More)
OBJECTIVES We conducted a large household survey in 2013 to determine the current status of oral health practices and use of oral health services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). METHODS The Saudi Health Information Survey is a national multistage survey of individuals ≥ 15 years of age. We used a backward elimination multivariate logistic regression(More)
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