Hannah Kermes

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We present a study on linguistic contrast and commonality in English scientific discourse on the basis of a mono-lingually comparable corpus. The focus is on selected scientific disciplines at the boundaries to computer science (computational linguistics, bioinformatics, digital construction, microelectronics). The data basis is the English Scientific Text(More)
We present a semi-automatic approach to study expressions of evaluation in academic writing as well as targets evaluated. The aim is to uncover the linguistic properties of evaluative expressions used in this genre, i.e. investigate which lexico-grammatical patterns are used to attribute an evaluation towards a target. The approach encompasses pattern(More)
In this paper, we present a methodology for the extraction of formulaic expressions, which goes beyond the mere extraction of candidate patterns. Using a pipeline we are able to extract information about the usage of formulaic expressions automatically from text corpora. According to Biber and Barbieri (2007) formulaic expressions are " important building(More)