Hannah Kastein

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This paper presents a multi-AUV state-estimator that can determine the 3D position of a tagged fish. In addition to angle measurements, the state-estimator also incorporates distance and depth measurements. These additional sensor measurements allow for greater accuracy in the position estimates. A newly developed motion model that better accounts for(More)
We consider cooperative control of robots involving two different testbed systems in remote locations in different time zones, with communication on the internet. The goal is to have all robots properly follow a leader defined on one of the testbeds, while maintaining non-overlapping positions within each swarm and between swarms, assuming they are(More)
--Tracking fish has primarily been accomplished using acoustic telemetry. Typically, a fish is tagged, released, and manually tracked using hydrophones that detect acoustic tag transmissions. More recently, such hydrophone receiver systems have been mounted on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) to increase system mobility. This paper presents a new(More)
Microscopy imaging of mouse growth plates is extensively used in biology to understand the effect of specific molecules on various stages of normal bone development and on bone disease. Until now, such image analysis has been conducted by manual detection. In fact, when existing automated detection techniques were applied, morphological variations across(More)
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