Hannah J. Joyce

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Graphene is a single layer of covalently bonded carbon atoms, which was discovered only 8 years ago and yet has already attracted intense research and commercial interest. Initial research focused on its remarkable electronic properties, such as the observation of massless Dirac fermions and the half-integer quantum Hall effect. Now graphene is finding(More)
Achieving bulk-like charge carrier mobilities in semiconductor nanowires is a major challenge facing the development of nanowire-based electronic devices. Here we demonstrate that engineering the GaAs nanowire surface by overcoating with optimized AlGaAs shells is an effective means of obtaining exceptionally high carrier mobilities and lifetimes. We(More)
We investigate the growth procedures for achieving taper-free and kinked germanium nanowires epitaxially grown on silicon substrates by chemical vapor deposition. Singly and multiply kinked germanium nanowires consisting of <111> segments were formed by employing a reactant gas purging process. Unlike non-epitaxial kinked nanowires, a two-temperature(More)
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