Hannah J. Haynie

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The notion that linguistic forms and meanings are related only by convention and not by any direct relationship between sounds and semantic concepts is a foundational principle of modern linguistics. Though the principle generally holds across the lexicon, systematic exceptions have been identified. These "sound symbolic" forms have been identified in(More)
1. Introduction Within the Gricean approach to pragmatics, it is commonly held that the principles of cooperative conversation only apply to the meaning of an utterance. With the exception of the maxim of Manner, which I set aside, the conversational maxims only make reference to 'what is said' in an utterance, not 'how it is said'. The first maxim of(More)
The naming of colors has long been a topic of interest in the study of human culture and cognition. Color term research has asked diverse questions about thought and communication, but no previous research has used an evolutionary framework. We show that there is broad support for the most influential theory of color term development (that most strongly(More)
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