Hannah J. Haynie

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Protons are involved in gating Kir2.3. To identify the molecular motif in the Kir2.3 channel protein that is responsible for this process, experiments were performed using wild-type and mutated Kir2. 3 and Kir2.1. CO2 and low pHi strongly inhibited wild-type Kir2.3 but not Kir2.1 in whole cell voltage clamp and excised inside-out patches. This CO2/pH(More)
The naming of colors has long been a topic of interest in the study of human culture and cognition. Color term research has asked diverse questions about thought and communication, but no previous research has used an evolutionary framework. We show that there is broad support for the most influential theory of color term development (that most strongly(More)
Inquiry into the distribution of polarity items has focussed largely on two questions: what are the class of expressions, called TRIGGERS, that license them (these are [+affective] elements for Klima 1964, downward entailing expressions for Ladusaw 1980, and (non)veridical operators for Giannakidou 1999), and what is the relationship that must hold between(More)
Wanderwörter are a problematic set of words in historical linguistics. They usually make up a small proportion of the total vocabulary of individual languages, and only a minority of loanwords. They are, however, found frequently in languages from across the world. There is, to our knowledge, no general synthesis of Wanderwörter patterns, causes of(More)
• If let alone does express the conjunction of two propositions, they must be identical except for the correlate and remnant since the second proposition cannot be realized overtly: (5) Oswald hasn’t climbed the Berkeley hills, let alone Mt. Everest. (6) * Oswald hasn’t climbed the Berkeley hills, let alone Oswald hasn’t climbed Mt. Everest. • Some type of(More)
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