Hannah Huff

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We report a study on chemiluminescence-based chemical analyses using luminol molecules covalently attached to 10 nm diameter gold nanoparticles (GNPs). Chemiluminescence (CL) has been systematically studied under two schemes by varying the concentrations of luminol-labeled GNPs and [Fe(CN)6](3-) catalyst, respectively. The CL signal of luminol-labeled GNPs(More)
Nuclear interactions of space radiation with shielding materials result in alterations in dose and lineal energy spectra that depend on the specific elemental composition, density and thickness of the material. The shielding characteristics of materials have been studied using charged-particle beams and radiation transport models by examining the risk(More)
Space radiation transport models clearly show that low atomic weight materials provide a better shielding protection for interplanetary human missions than high atomic weight materials. These model studies have concentrated on shielding properties against charged particles. A light-weight, inflatable habitat module called TransHab was built and shown to(More)
The development of Mars for human activity will require the utilization of Martian materials in building habitats and working structures. One approach is to use polymer binders with regolith to form structural elements. Not only can useful composite materials be produced in this way but the radiation protection properties are also increased. This is(More)
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