Hannah G Dahlen

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OBJECTIVE to determine risk factors for the occurrence of severe perineal trauma (third and fourth degree tears) during childbirth. DESIGN a prospective cohort study was conducted using the hospital's computerised obstetric information system. Additional data were gathered on women who sustained severe perineal trauma. Descriptive statistics and logistic(More)
INTRODUCTION Evidence shows that physical activity during and after pregnancy results in health gains for women. There is no clear understanding apparent in the literature of women's experiences with physical activity during their pregnancy. The aim of this study was to describe women's perceptions and participation in physical activity during pregnancy and(More)
1. Cytoplasmic Ca2+ ([Ca2+]i) responses were studied in guinea-pig pancreatic acinar cells during stimulation with cholecystokinin octapeptide (CCK-8), substance P (SP) and carbachol. 2. Individual cells exhibited [Ca2+]i responses to all three agonists. 3. In the absence of external Ca2+, all the agonists initiated [Ca2+]i peaks which, particularly at high(More)
BACKGROUND Poor maternal oral health may be associated with adverse pregnancy and infant outcomes. However, women seldom seek dental care during pregnancy, and misconceptions by prenatal care practitioners about oral health care during pregnancy may contribute to the problem. The aim of this study was to review current knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of(More)
OBJECTIVE to explore first-time mothers' experiences of birth at home and in hospital in Australia. DESIGN a grounded theory methodology was used. Data were generated from in-depth interviews with women in their own homes. SETTING Sydney, Australia. PARTICIPANTS 19 women were interviewed. Seven women who gave in a public hospital and seven women who(More)
OBJECTIVE to explore the experiences and concerns of health professionals who care for childbearing women who are obese. BACKGROUND obesity is increasing nationally and internationally and has been described as an epidemic. A number of studies have highlighted the risks associated with obesity during childbirth, yet few studies have investigated the(More)
BACKGROUND Perineal warm packs are widely used during childbirth in the belief that they reduce perineal trauma and increase comfort during late second stage of labor. The aim of this study was to determine the effects of applying warm packs to the perineum on perineal trauma and maternal comfort during the late second stage of labor. METHODS A randomized(More)
The functional status of the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis was investigated in 127 women with anovulatory disease. Radioimmunoassayable circulating LH, FSH, and prolactin concentrations were measured. An attempt was made to localize the functional lesion by utilizing the following criteria: 1. Hypothalamic function: a) clomiphene test based upon(More)
The kinetics of the changes in the cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentration (Ca2+i) and amylase release were measured in fura-2-loaded pancreatic acinar cells and perifused pancreatic acini, respectively. Cholecystokinin octapeptide (CCK-8) and its amphibian analogue caerulein induced similar dose-related increases of Ca2+i and amylase secretion with threshold(More)
The World Health Organization and the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund recommends that mothers and newborns have skin-to-skin contact immediately after a vaginal birth, and as soon as the mother is alert and responsive after a Caesarean section. Skin-to-skin contact can be defined as placing a naked infant onto the bare chest of the(More)