Hannah Fuhrer

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Adenosine deaminase (ADA) deficiency typically causes severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) in infants. We report metabolic, immunologic, and genetic findings in two ADA-deficient adults with distinct phenotypes. Patient no. 1 (39 years of age) had combined immunodeficiency. She had frequent infections, lymphopenia, and recurrent hepatitis as a child but(More)
We present a 46-year-old woman with a relapse of multiple sclerosis (MS) that began 3 months after withdrawal from long-term treatment with natalizumab. Shortly after restart of a single dose of natalizumab she developed a fulminant MS rebound with stupor and tetraparesis. Cerebral MRI showed massive progression in the number of lesions and tumefactive(More)
Mixed dopaminergic medication, comprising dopamine agonists and levodopa, may affect habit-learning in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD). However, the specific impact of levodopa on this effect is unknown. We assessed habit-learning in 20 non-demented PD-patients both with and without levodopa. We observed intact habit-learning in PD-patients(More)
BACKGROUND Tracheostomy is a common procedure in long-term ventilated critical care patients and frequently necessary in those with severe stroke. The optimal timing for tracheostomy is still unknown, and it is controversial whether early tracheostomy impacts upon functional outcome. METHOD The Stroke-related Early Tracheostomy vs. Prolonged Orotracheal(More)
This case series of 27 patients with large stroke challenges the current state of the art guiding hemodynamic management by blood pressure levels. The results show that assumed correlations of blood pressure, cardiac output, and systemic vascular resistance do not exist. Therefore, hemodynamic therapy may better be guided by cardiac output.
Acetomycin (1a), known since 1958, has been further characterized by NMR and CD spectra. The 3-acetyl side chain of 1a is reduced selectively by sodium cyanoborohydride yielding the diastereomeric alcohols 2a and 3a, which were esterified to the crystalline bromoacetates 2c and 3c. The structure and absolute configuration of 3c was determined by X-ray(More)
A number of rifamycin non-producing UV-mutants derived from Nocardia mediterranei strains N813 (rifamycin B producer) and A10 (aro--mutant excreting shikimate derived from strain N813) were found to accumulate an identical complex of aromatic components instead of rifamycin B. The main component of this aromatic complex, product P8/1-OG, was isolated from(More)
INTRODUCTION In unsuccessful vessel recanalization, clinical outcome of acute stroke patients depends on early improvement of penumbral perfusion. So far, mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) is the target hemodynamic parameter. However, the correlations of MAP to cardiac output (CO) and cerebral perfusion are volume state dependent. In severe subarachnoid(More)
A case is reported of narcotic coma in a female lasting 36 hours as a result of deliberate ingestion of 250 ml of halothane. Aspiration of gastric contents led to cardiac arrest which was successfully treated. Artificial ventilation was needed. Halothane hepatitis did not develop despite prolonged episodes of respiratory and circulatory failure and(More)