Hannah F. E. Jones

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BACKGROUND Intrauterine infection may play a role in preterm delivery due to spontaneous preterm labor (PTL) and preterm prolonged rupture of membranes (PPROM). Because bacteria previously associated with preterm delivery are often difficult to culture, a molecular biology approach was used to identify bacterial DNA in placenta and fetal membranes. (More)
BACKGROUND People with serious mental illness experience an erosion of functioning in day-to-day life over a protracted period of time. There is also evidence to suggest that people with serious mental illness have a greater risk of experiencing oral disease and have greater oral treatment needs than the general population. However, oral health has never(More)
INTRODUCTION Campylobacter jejuni is a leading cause of bacterial gastroenteritis worldwide. At present the identity of host-pathogen interactions that promote successful bacterial colonisation remain ill defined. Herein, we aimed to investigate C. jejuni-mediated effects on dendritic cell (DC) immunity. RESULTS We found C. jejuni to be a potent inducer(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the immunological and viral consequences of planned treatment interruptions (PTI) in children with HIV. DESIGN This was an immunological and virological sub-study of the Paediatric European Network for Treatment of AIDS (PENTA) 11 trial, which compared CD4-guided PTI of antiretroviral therapy (ART) with continuous therapy (CT) in(More)
The suspension feeding bivalve Austrovenus stutchburyi is a key species on intertidal sandflats in New Zealand, affecting the appearance and functioning of these systems, but is susceptible to several environmental stressors including sedimentation. Previous studies into the effect of this species on ecosystem function have been restricted in space and(More)
A variety of foods have been implicated in symptoms of patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) but wheat products are most frequently cited by patients as a trigger. Our aim was to investigate the effects of breads, which were fermented for different lengths of time, on the colonic microbiota using in vitro batch culture experiments. A set of in vitro(More)
BACKGROUND Oral health is an important part of general physical health and is essential for self-esteem, self-confidence and overall quality of life. There is a well-established link between mental illness and poor oral health. Oral health problems are not generally well recognized by mental health professionals and many patients experience barriers to(More)
Amino acid-based formulas (AAF) are used for the dietary management of cow's milk allergy and multiple food protein intolerances. A recent study showed that intake of AAF, in addition to a milk-, egg-, wheat-and soy-free diet, results in a reduced colonic inflammatory status in pediatric patients (≤ 5 years, both control and formula group were negative for(More)
Outer membrane vesicles (OMV) are released by many bacteria, and contain immunogenic antigens in addition to harmful inflammatory factors, like lipopolysaccharides. Chemically detoxified OMV have been used in vaccines against Neisseria meningitidis (Nm); however, little is known about their interaction with antigen presenting cells. In this study, we(More)