Hannah Edwards

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to systematically evaluate prevalence based on variations in case definitions used for epidemiological studies of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). BACKGROUND Prior studies of MSDs have mostly relied on a single case definition based on questionnaires. METHOD In a multicenter prospective cohort study, we(More)
In embryological terms the anal papillae are the product of eversion of the hindgut tissues. The rectum and the anal papillae have the same origin and have a marked structural similarity. The insect hindgut is very labile being able to produce salt transporting or 'chloride cells' from any of the tissues of which it is composed. The hindgut consists of four(More)
Making sense of the world around us depends upon selectively retrieving information relevant to our current goal or context. However, it is unclear whether selective semantic retrieval relies exclusively on general control mechanisms recruited in demanding non-semantic tasks, or instead on systems specialised for the control of meaning. One hypothesis is(More)
The evolution of proteins is one of the fundamental processes that has delivered the diversity and complexity of life we see around ourselves today. While we tend to define protein evolution in terms of sequence level mutations, insertions and deletions, it is hard to translate these processes to a more complete picture incorporating a polypeptide's(More)
Personality is an intriguing phenomenon in populations because it constrains behavioral flexibility. One theory suggests that personality could be generated and maintained if dependent on asset protection. It is predicted that trade-offs with fitness expectations and survival probability encourage consistent behavioral differences among individuals(More)
Consistency of between-individual differences in behaviour or personality is a phenomenon in populations that can have ecological consequences and evolutionary potential. One way that behaviour can evolve is to have a genetic basis. Identifying the molecular genetic basis of personality could therefore provide insight into how and why such variation is(More)
Some salt transporting epithelia can absorb inorganic ions from extremely low external concentrations. Salt depleted frogs, for example, can absorb sodium ions from freshwater at concentrations down to o-oi mM (Krogh, 1939) while freshwater mosquito larvae can maintain haemolymph sodium at 30 mM in external media containing as little as 1-55 x 10-3 mM(More)
Several protein structure classification schemes exist that partition the protein universe into structural units called folds. Yet these schemes do not discuss how these units sit relative to each other in a global structure space. In this paper we construct networks that describe such global relationships between folds in the form of structural bridges. We(More)