Hannah Edim Etta

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The study was aimed at ascertaining the prevalence of typhoid fever by Salmonella typhii and the four year trend of the infection in Etinan, Akwa Ibom State using hospital-based data. Hospital records of those who attended the General Hospital Etinan for medical attention was collected and collated. The four year cumulative prevalence of Salmonella(More)
Genetical and biometrical analyses were carried out to investigate the variation of grain sizes in three winter varieties (namely Batko, Diya and Krasnodarskaya 99) under the influence of the growth regulator, Furolan and mineral fertilizer. The 1000–grain weight trait was equally analyzed. The difference in germination energy of large seeds between extreme(More)
The study was carried out at the All-Russian Rice Research Institute, Belozerny, Krasnodar, Russia in 2009. The seeds of three varieties of winter wheat namely; Bat’ko, Deya and Krasnodarskaya 99 were grown in different concentrations of growth regulators namely; Furolan, (2-furyl-2)-1,3-dioxolane, gibberellins (plant hormone) and water as control. The(More)
This study was carried out to investigate the effect of growth regulator, Furolan on the starch and proteins components of three varieties of winter wheat grains namely Bat’ko, Deya and Krasnodarskaya 99. The carbohydrate complex and general protein contents in the winter wheat were determined by standard methods of analysis. From the results obtained in(More)
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