Hannah E. Moore

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Pancreatico-pleural fistula is a rare condition in which pancreatic enzymes drain directly in to the pleural cavity, most commonly from an enlarging pseudocyst. We review the literature on the causes, investigations and treatment of pancreatico-pleural fistulae and compare this with our own experience of the case of a 41 year old man with a left sided(More)
A high throughput method for species identification and classification through chemometric processing of direct analysis in real time (DART) mass spectrometry-derived fingerprint signatures has been developed. The method entails introduction of samples to the open air space between the DART ion source and the mass spectrometer inlet, with the entire(More)
Clergy suffer from high rates of obesity, chronic disease, and depression, and simultaneously underestimate the toll these take on their daily functioning. Health interventions are needed for clergy and may be tailored to their occupational context and theological beliefs. Few studies have sought to improve clergy health. No prior studies have utilized a(More)
(submitted). Specificity of the human frequency following response (FFR) for carrier and modulation frequency assessed using adaptation.in press). The role of excitation-pattern cues in the detection of frequency shifts in bandpass-filtered complex tones. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. The binaural masking level difference: Cortical(More)
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