Hannah E Frank

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The present study developed parallel clinician- and parent-rated measures of family accommodation (Pediatric Accommodation Scale, PAS; Pediatric Accommodation Scale-Parent Report; PAS-PR) for youth with a primary anxiety disorder. Both measures assess frequency and impact of family accommodation on youth and families. Studying youth ages 5-17 (N=105(More)
The goals of this study were to describe demographic variables, drinking history, and the 6-month prevalence of Axis I comorbidity among alcohol-dependent subjects in GERMANY: The variables: amount of alcohol consumption, age at onset of the first alcohol consumed, age at onset of daily alcohol consumption, age at onset of withdrawal symptoms and number of(More)
To test psychodynamic hypotheses about the etiology of the borderline syndrome, female borderline patients were asked whether they remembered their mothers and fathers as having responded with approval, disinterest, or criticism to dependent and independent behaviors. Comparisons were made with a group of normal controls and with a group of neurotics and(More)
Pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a chronic and impairing condition that often persists into adulthood. Barrett, Farrell, Pina, Peris, and Piacentini (2008), in this journal, provided a detailed review of evidence-based psychosocial treatments for youth with OCD. The current review provides an evidence base update of the pediatric OCD(More)
  • J Paris, H Frank
  • 1983
To test the hypothesis that reparation for childhood experience is a factor in the choice of a medical career, a questionnaire was given to first year students in medicine, with first year law students as a control group. When students who chose the same occupation as their parents were eliminated from the sample, male medical students were more likely to(More)
The role of the lone woman was studied in six small groups--three T-groups and three work-groups--each containing one woman. All the women became deviants, isolates, or low status regular members of their groups. Reasons for this finding are discussed, and strategies are suggested whereby a woman may avoid depression if she finds herself in a similar(More)