Hannah D Buiter

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OBJECTIVE Fetal echogenic bowel (FEB) is a soft marker found on second trimester sonography. Our main aim was to determine the outcome of infants who presented with FEB and secondarily to identify additional sonographic findings that might have clinical relevance for the prognosis. DESIGN We reviewed all pregnancies in which the diagnosis FEB was made in(More)
OBJECTIVE Comparing maternal and neonatal outcomes after conventional cesarean section (CS) versus a "natural" or "skin-to-skin" cesarean section (SSCS). METHODS Retrospective cohort of women who underwent a SSCS (01-2013 until 12-2013) compared to conventional CS (08-2011 to 08-2012). CS before 37 weeks, under general anesthesia and in case of fetal(More)
It has remained unclear whether the amount of fecal fat excreted in the stool and stool production influences the severity of neonatal jaundice. We determined the relationship between stool production, fecal fat excretion and jaundice in healthy breast-fed (BF) or formula-fed (FF) (near-)term neonates. From postnatal day 1–4, we quantitatively collected(More)
A caesarean section (CS) is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the world, for which there are minimal variations in the surgical approach. During the last few years the "skin-to-skin" CS, also coined "natural" or "gentle" CS, is on the rise; parental participation, slow delivery and direct skin-to-skin contact are important aspects.(More)
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