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Seventeen adult subjects participated in a multicentre trial to compare the performance between an NRT-based MAP and their behavioural MAP. The NRT-based MAP was made using a correction factor to predict T/C levels, calculated from the difference between the ECAP threshold ('T-NRT') and the measured T/C levels at electrode 10, as described by Brown et al.(More)
Adult users of unilateral Nucleus CI24 cochlear implants with the SPEAK processing strategy were randomised either to receive a second identical implant in the contralateral ear immediately, or to wait 12 months while they acted as controls for late-emerging benefits of the first implant. Twenty four subjects, twelve from each group, completed the study.(More)
The University College Hospital/Royal National Institute for the Deaf (UCH/RNID) Cochlear Implant Programme has now given single channel extracochlear implants to forty profoundly deafened adults. Audiological, psychophysical, speech perceptual and subjective results for the first thirty cases are described. The main findings can be summarised as follows:(More)
At switch-on (first post-operative stimulation of the implant) and during subsequent reprogramming, electrodes can, in some patients, be found to be non-functional or to be performing sub-optimally for a number of reasons. This paper examines the reasons for the poor performance of these electrodes by means of a retrospective analysis of 100 patient(More)
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A switched capacitor array (SCA) will provide analogue storage for the cathode readout of the cathode strip chambers in the endcap muon system of CMS. After a series of smaller prototypes, the first iteration of the full-sized 16-channel 96-cell per channel SCA ASIC is undergoing precision testing using a specially designed test board. The chip has(More)
A framework was designed to integrate three complimentary remotely sensed data sources (aerial photography, hyperspectral imagery, and LiDAR) for mapping vegetation in the Florida Everglades. An object-based pixel/feature-level fusion scheme was developed to combine the three data sources, and a decision-level fusion strategy was applied to produce the(More)
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