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Return to Play in Athletes Following Ankle Injuries
Background: The decision to return to play following an ankle injury is a multifactorial process involving both physical and psychological parameters. The current body of literature lacksExpand
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Quantitative Analysis of Torsional Stiffness in Supplemental One-Third Tubular Plate Fixation in the Management of Isolated Syndesmosis Injuries
Background: Disruption of the distal tibia and fibula articulation or syndesmosis can occur without fracture, and isolated syndesmotic disruption is often treated operatively. Following syndesmoticExpand
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Acute tibialis posterior tendon rupture associated with a distal tibial fracture.
Tibialis posterior tendon ruptures associated with closed medial malleolar fractures are rare. This article describes the association of tibialis posterior tendon ruptures with closed, high-energy,Expand
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Nasosorption as a Minimally Invasive Sampling Procedure: Mucosal Viral Load and Inflammation in Primary RSV Bronchiolitis
Summary We used nasosorption as a noninvasive method of respiratory mucosal sampling in a paediatric virology setting. Nasosorption was well tolerated and demonstrated respiratory syncytial virusExpand
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Arthroscopic management of a femoral head osteochondral defect using autologous osteochondral transfer, platelet-rich plasma and microfracture
O steochondral defects of the femoral head are uncommon clinical entities, accounting for approximately 2% of osteochondral lesions, although a recent study suggested that the prevalence may be asExpand
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Bicyclist Fatalities in New York City
New York City has over 700 miles of bicycle lanes and over half a million residents use a bicycle several times a month. We searched the electronic death certificate database on all bicyclingExpand
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Stingray injury to the webspace of the foot.
Stingrays are cartilaginous fish that are related to sharks. They are one of the largest groups of venomous marine animals. Stingrays account for 750 to 2000 injuries annually. They are generallyExpand
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Two Fatalities Associated with Sibutramine
Sibutramine is an amphetamine derivative that has been prescribed as an antidepressant and appetite suppressant. It was voluntarily removed from the U.S. market in 2010 following a clinical trialExpand
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Hypothermia-related Deaths: A 10-year Retrospective Study of Two Major Metropolitan Cities in the United States.
Hypothermia-related deaths affect vulnerable populations and are preventable. They account for the vast majority of weather-related deaths in the United States. The postmortem diagnosis ofExpand
Tracing the roots of Advanced Trauma Life Support® in the US
The day was 17 February 1976. At around 6pm James Styner, orthopaedic Surgeon, lost control of the plane he was piloting and crashed into a cornfield in Nebraska. Tragically, his wife was killedExpand