Hannah C Smith

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The Directing Council of Pan American Health Organization approved a resolution concerning the formal inauguration of the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) in the Americas in October 1977. Subsequently, the EPI entered full implementation in those countries that were members of the Caribbean Epidemiology Center (CAREC) during 1978-80. All 19 CAREC(More)
Various studies suggest that there is a preference among patients, professionals and the public for death to occur at home (Dunlop et al, 1989; Townsend et al, 1990; Hinton, 1994). Data indicates that some patients are denied the opportunity to exercise choice in the place of death. In areas where palliative rapid-response teams have been available more(More)
Hypoxia and acidosis are recognized features of inflammatory arthroses. This study describes the effects of IGF-1 and TGF-β(1) on pH regulatory mechanisms in articular cartilage under hypoxic conditions. Acid efflux, reactive oxygen species (ROS), and mitochondrial membrane potential were measured in equine articular chondrocytes isolated in the presence of(More)
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In the Supreme Court of the United States ________________ DAVID A. ZUBIK, et al. v. SYLVIA BURWELL, et al. ________________ PRIESTS FOR LIFE, et al. v. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES, et al. ________________ ROMAN CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF WASHINGTON, et al. v. SYLVIA BURWELL, et al. ________________ EAST TEXAS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY, et al. v. SYLVIA(More)
Two outbreaks of epidemic vomiting are described. One affected 107 students and staff at a college of education out of a total of 398 persons. The other affected 172 pupils and staff out of 357 at a secondary school. Evidence is presented that in both cases infection was acquired in the dining hall of the institution concerned but no specific item of food(More)
Throughout my midwifery programme I have developed a passion for the use of pinards; a skill that may be lost within midwifery. It is often acknowledged that the use of pinard stethoscopes prior to the use of electronic devices is best practice (Royal College of Midwives (RCM) 2012), yet it is a practice that seems to be losing its place. This article aims(More)