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Patients with Huntington's disease show deficits in recognizing disgust in the facial expressions and vocal intonations of others. In this study, the authors demonstrate that these disgust-related deficits extend to foul-smelling olfactory stimuli and inappropriate combinations of taste stimuli.
Social, emotional and motivational behaviours are associated with production of automatic bodily responses. Re-representation in the brain through feedback of autonomic and skeletomuscular arousal is proposed to underlie "feeling states". These influence emotional judgments and bias motivational decision-making and guide social interactions. Consistent with(More)
Psychophysiological science proposes close interactions between cognitive processes and autonomic responses, yet the consequences of autonomic failure on cognitive functioning have not been documented. This pilot study investigates, for the first time, the cognitive profile of 14 patients with Pure Autonomic Failure (PAF). Each patient was administered a(More)
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