Hannah C Glanville-Jones

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The first molecular herald of organ asymmetry during murine embryogenesis is found at the periphery of the node in early-somite stage embryos. Asymmetric gene expression and calcium accumulation at the node occurs in response to a left-ward flow of extracellular fluid across the node, generated by motile cilia within the pit of the node and likely sensed by(More)
BACKGROUND Murine Zic genes (Zic1-5) are expressed in the dorsal hindbrain and in periotic mesenchyme (POM) adjacent to the developing inner ear. Zic genes are involved in developmental signaling pathways in many organ systems, including the ear, although their exact roles haven't been fully elucidated. This report examines the role of Zic1, Zic2, and Zic4(More)
Since its development in the 1970's, whole embryo culture (WEC) has provided an important method of growing and observing murine embryos ex utero. During WEC, embryos are immersed in a combination of rat serum and cell culture media, and supplied with heat and appropriate mixtures of CO₂ and oxygen that mimic growth conditions in utero. One significant(More)
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