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This study examined central adiposity, as measured by waist circumference (WC), in relation to mental-stress induced systolic (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) and heart rate (HR) responses, body composition, the metabolic syndrome, and health practices in 22 older, African American men and women (ages 52-79 years). The high WC (> 100 cm) group(More)
Conflictual role-play scenarios have been used to model brief interpersonal interaction and to elicit cardiovascular reactivity in the laboratory. Here we discuss data suggesting that role-played interactions constitute an ecologically valid laboratory task that may improve laboratory-to-field generalization of cardiovascular response. Specifically, our(More)
BACKGROUND IQ deficits are linked to even mild obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in children. Although OSA is commonly first diagnosed in the pre-school age group, a randomised trial is still needed to assess IQ outcomes after adenotonsillectomy in the pre-school age-group. This randomised control trial (RCT) will primarily determine whether adenotonsillectomy(More)
INTRODUCTION Bilateral vocal cord palsy is a condition which has many causes (Gupta et al., 2012) [1]. Syringomyelia is an uncommon condition which describes the formation of fluid filled cavity, occupying the spinal cord (Chang, 2003) [2]. It rarely manifests itself as subacute onset of stridor. PRESENTATION OF CASE We present the case of a three year(More)
Keratosis obturans is characterized by the accumulation of desquamated keratinous material in the bony portion of the external auditory canal. Classically, it is reported to present with severe otalgia, conductive hearing loss and global widening of the external auditory canal. Extensive erosion of the bony meatus, with exposure of the facial nerve, has(More)
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