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The influence of pretransplant herpes-virus antibodies in 126 marrow-graft recipients and their HLA-identical (A, B, C, DR) sibling donors on the incidence of grades II-IV acute graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) was studied in relation to previously reported risk factors for GVHD. Logistic regression procedures were used to control for confounding factors.(More)
We combined for the first time electrophysiological measures and masked priming technique in sentential context, by setting up a cross-modal masked priming paradigm involving the auditory presentation of sentences. ERPs were time-locked to an auditorily presented word that was preceded by a repeated, related or unrelated pattern masked prime. We registered(More)
The role of literal meaning during the construction of meaning that goes beyond pure literal composition was investigated by combining cross-modal masked priming and ERPs. This experimental design was chosen to compare two conflicting theoretical positions on this topic. The indirect access account claims that literal aspects are processed first, and(More)
In this chapter we report experiments aiming to verify the conditions under which meaning shift can occur. We address claims by Nunberg (1995, 2004) that a salient ''functional relationship'' and ''noteworthiness'' between the primary meaning and the extended meaning are prerequisites of shifting and that such meaning shift should preferentially be analyzed(More)
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