Hanna Sherif

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Weight-loss interventions generally improve lipid profiles and reduce cardiovascular disease risk, but effects are variable and may depend on genetic factors. We performed a genetic association analysis of data from 2,993 participants in the Diabetes Prevention Program to test the hypotheses that a genetic risk score (GRS) based on deleterious alleles at 32(More)
A relativistic model for the quasifree photoproduction of η meson from complex nuclei is developed. The interactions between fields are introduced through effective Lagrangians. Contributions from several nucleon resonances as well as nucleon Born terms and vector meson exchange diagrams are included. Nucleon and η wave functions are solutions of Dirac and(More)
The relativistic amplitude for the direct knockout contribution to (γ, p) reactions on nuclei is reduced to a nonrelativistic form using an effective Pauli reduction scheme. The reduction is carried out to second order in the inverse nucleon mass. It is found that the interaction Hamiltonian appearing in the nonrelativistic amplitude has significant(More)
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