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The EU and NATO: Two Competing Models for a Common Defence Policy
European integration in security and defence was for a long time seen as impossible or at least highly unlikely. Even otherwise contradictory theories of European integration shared the assumptionExpand
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The European Security Strategy : Reinvigorate, Revise or Reinvent?
This paper argues that a strategic discussion on the EU’s external action is overdue, and that the future of the European Security Strategy (ESS) should be the centre of that discussion. The precisExpand
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Power in Inter-Organizational Relations
This chapter argues that power and power relations offer an important perspective to understand the interaction between international organizations. International organizations need power, exertExpand
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Finland: Rediscovering Its Nordic Neighbours After an EU Honeymoon?
FINLAND HAS BEEN characterized as ‘realist’ and as a ‘good European’ (Volanen, 2005).1 There seems to be an interesting tension between the two. The ‘good European’ had the upper hand right at theExpand
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Bridging Internal and External Security: Lessons from the European Security and Defence Policy
Abstract This article suggests that the development of the European Security and Defence Policy has not only signalled a new tempo in EU policy making but seems also to have unforeseen consequencesExpand
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