Hanna M. Mäkelä

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BACKGROUND The etiologic factors of delirium have been frequently studied in hospitalized elderly patients who usually have an underlying disorder, i.e., hip fracture or dementia predisposing to delirium. The etiologic factors of delirium and prognosis in healthy elderly remain unstudied. The aim of our study was to detect the primary and additional(More)
Radial growth of boreal tree species is only rarely studied in riparian habitats. Here we investigated chronologies of earlywood, latewood, and annual ring widths and blue intensity (BI; a surrogate to latewood density) from riparian lake shore and upland forest interior pines (Pinus sylvestris L.) growing in boreal forest in eastern Finland. Riparian and(More)
This paper investigates historical growth and climate records among the oak sites representing the northern edge of species range in northernmost Europe (Finland). This is to characterize plant–climate interactions for a multitude of sites where oak decline has recently been observed and understand this most recent decline in the context of the past decline(More)
Change blindness refers to the inability to detect visual changes if introduced together with an eye-movement, blink, flash of light, or with distracting stimuli. Evidence of implicit detection of changed visual features during change blindness has been reported in a number of studies using both behavioral and neurophysiological measurements. However, it is(More)
Land cover changes can impact the climate by influencing the surface energy and water balance. Unproductive peatlands were extensively drained to stimulate forest growth in Finland over the second half of 20th century. The aim of this study is to investigate the biogeophysical effects of peatland forestation on climate change in Finland. Two 5 sets of 18(More)
Dynamic building energy simulations need hourly weather data as input. The same high temporal resolution is required for assessments of future heating and cooling energy demand. The data presented in this article concern current typical values and estimated future changes in outdoor air temperature, wind speed, relative humidity and global, diffuse and(More)
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