Hanna L B Boström

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We introduce columnar shifts-collective rigid-body translations-as a structural degree of freedom relevant to the phase behaviour of molecular perovskites ABX3 (X = molecular anion). Like the well-known octahedral tilts of conventional perovskites, shifts also preserve the octahedral coordination geometry of the B-site cation in molecular perovskites, and(More)
We report the synthesis and structural characterisation of three mixed-metal formate perovskite families [C(NH2)3]CuxM1-x(HCOO)3 (M = Mn, Zn, Mg). Using a combination of infrared spectroscopy, non-negative matrix factorization, and reverse Monte Carlo refinement, we show that the Mn- and Zn-containing compounds support compositional nanodomains resembling(More)
We study the compositional dependence of molecular orientation (multipolar) and orbital (quadrupolar) order in the perovskite-like metal-organic frameworks [C(NH2)3]CuxCd1-x(HCOO)3. Upon increasing the fraction x of Jahn-Teller-active Cu(2+), we observe an orbital disorder/order transition and a multipolar reorientation transition, each occurring at(More)
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