Hanna Krauter

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Quantum teleportation is an important ingredient in distributed quantum networks, and can also serve as an elementary operation in quantum computers. Teleportation was first demonstrated as a transfer of a quantum state of light onto another light beam; later developments used optical relays and demonstrated entanglement swapping for continuous variables.(More)
We demonstrate spin squeezing in a room temperature ensemble of approximately 10(12) cesium atoms using their internal structure, where the necessary entanglement is created between nuclear and electronic spins of each individual atom. This state provides improvement in measurement sensitivity beyond the standard quantum limit for quantum memory experiments(More)
We demonstrate a radio frequency atomic magnetometer with sub-femtoTesla/√(Hz) sensitivity, mainly limited by projection noise of atoms. Furthermore, we demonstrate that Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen entanglement of atoms enhances the sensitivity to broadband magnetic fields.
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