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Getting Respect
Getting Respect is a sociological tour de force that takes readers on a journey to three different continents to unpack the complexities of “ethnoracial exclusion,” described as stigmatization andExpand
Participatory destigmatization strategies among Palestinian citizens, Ethiopian Jews and Mizrahi Jews in Israel
Abstract This study examines how members of minority groups in Israel cope with stigmatization in everyday life. It focuses on working-class members of three minority groups: Palestinian Arabs orExpand
On Home Turf: Interview Location and Its Social Meaning
This paper argues that interview location plays a role in constructing reality, serving simultaneously as both cultural product and producer. Thus, the choice of interview location (who chooses andExpand
‘Both an Arab and a woman’: gendered, racialised experiences of female Palestinian citizens of Israel
Following feminist and postcolonial discourses, this paper uses the concept of ‘everyday experience’ as a tool to trace the social world of educated Palestinian women in Israel. The term refers toExpand
The Past's Promise: Lessons from Peace Processes in Northern Ireland and the Middle East
Just as the Northern Ireland and Israeli–Palestinian peace processes appeared close to achieving lasting resolutions to conflict, both initiatives fell into crisis. This study combines power conflictExpand
Getting Respect: Responding to Stigma and Discrimination in the United States, Brazil, and Israel
Colloquially, getting respect is often seen as a two-way street; essentially, if you want respect, you have to offer it. But ‘respect’ is built off of sticky and hard to capture concepts, such asExpand
Accounting for Differences