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Mutant PKCγ in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 14 Disrupts Synapse Elimination and Long-Term Depression in Purkinje Cells In Vivo
Cerebellar Purkinje cells (PCs) express a large amount of the γ isoform of protein kinase C (PKCγ) and a modest level of PKCα. The PKCγ is involved in the pruning of climbing fiber (CF) synapses fromExpand
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Distinct transduction profiles in the CNS via three injection routes of AAV9 and the application to generation of a neurodegenerative mouse model
Using single-stranded adeno-associated virus serotype 9 (ssAAV9) vectors containing the neuron-specific synapsin-I promoter, we examined whether different administration routes (direct cerebellarExpand
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Modulation of lentiviral vector tropism in cerebellar Purkinje cells in vivo by a lysosomal cysteine protease cathepsin K
We previously reported that vesicular stomatitis virus-derived glycoprotein (VSV-G)-pseudotyped lentiviral vectors harvested 2 days post-transfection preferred to infect Purkinje cells (PCs), whereasExpand
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Nutmeg Extract Increases Skeletal Muscle Mass in Aging Rats Partly via IGF1-AKT-mTOR Pathway and Inhibition of Autophagy
The sarcopenic phenotype is characterized by a reduction of muscle mass, a shift in fiber-type distribution, and reduced satellite cell regeneration. Sarcopenia is still a major challenge to healthyExpand
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Alteration of Autophagy Gene Expression by Different Intensity of Exercise in Gastrocnemius and Soleus Muscles of Wistar Rats.
Exercise-induced skeletal muscle adaptation requires degradation of cellular components carried out by autophagy. However, the alteration of autophagy by different intensity of exercise in skeletalExpand
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Effect of Short-Term Endurance Exercise on COX IV and PGC-1 mRNA Expression Levels in Rat Skeletal Muscle
1Physiology Division, Department of Biomedical Science, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia. 2Cell Biology Division, Department of Biomedical Science, Faculty ofExpand
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Description of physical fitness, blood glucose, and cholesterol levels of the middle age operational workers in transportation company -
Background: Physical fitness (PF) is a key to maintain company productivity. The transportation company has complicated jobs and high physical demand. Aging, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle canExpand
Study of Pre and Post Supplementation Green Tea Extracts to MDA Levels
High intensity exercise (HI) induces oxidative stress. Running for 2400 meters is one of the simple exercise form which can be counted as HI. During HI, increase of oxygen consumption happened inExpand