Hanna E. Witzgall

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We studied the effects of a bolus injection of 50/micrograms synthetic human atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) on the cyclic GMP and cyclic AMP levels in plasma and urine of eight normal men. Administration of the hormone increased basal immunoreactive (IR-) ANF levels in plasma 2.8-fold to 110 pM three minutes after injection. Thereafter, IR-ANF levels(More)
The number of mineralocorticoid-binding sites on mononuclear leukocytes and plasma aldosterone (aldo) concentrations were measured in patients with different types of primary hyperaldosteronism. Patients with unilateral adenoma and patients with bilateral adrenal hyperplasia had a significantly lower (P less than 0.001) mean number of binding sites for aldo(More)
In vitro effects of aldosterone have been described with regard to the intracellular sodium and potassium concentrations of human mononuclear leukocytes. In the present paper the in vitro effect of aldosterone on the intracellular sodium and potassium of human mononuclear leukocytes in 6 patients with primary aldosteronism was investigated. Except for one(More)
Regulation of aldosterone (Aldo) biosynthesis is still open to controversy. The direct sites of action of the known stimulants (e.g., potassium, angiotensin II, adrenocorticotropin) on the different enzymes involved in the biochemical pathway of Aldo are not yet clearly defined. We have developed a radioimmunoassay for the determination of Aldo,(More)
Plasma aldosterone, 18-hydroxycorticosterone, corticosterone, 18-hydroxydeoxycorticosterone, and deoxycorticosterone were determined in 15 healthy male volunteers (34 +/- 2 years) following the inhibition of converting enzyme with captopril (SQ 14.225), either with or without indomethacin pretreatment. These studies were performed with the aid of a(More)
For ethical and practical reasons, in this study the antiarrhythmic potential of fish oil was evaluated in patients free from complex ventricular arrhythmias and severe heart failure. Although subjects without overt structural heart disease had ventricular arrhythmias that were not associated with an increased risk for sudden cardiac or coronary death,(More)
The level of arterial blood pressure is set by complex interactions of several mechanisms which influence both blood flow in and resistance of the vascular system. An imbalance favouring elevation of vascular resistance or extracellular volume will result in hypertension. Such alterations may include increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system, of(More)
1. The acute haemodynamic and hormonal effects of 100 mg of captopril (SQ 14.225) orally were tested in twelve healthy men in the sodium replete state before and after indomethacin pretreatment. 2. Without indomethacin, mean arterial blood pressure was reduced at 30 and 60 min after captopril (P less than 0.02). Heart rate did not change during the whole(More)