Hann-Jang Ho

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The problem of Weighted Hypergraph Embedding in a Cycle (WHEC) is to embed the weighted hyperedges of a hypergraph as the paths in a cycle, such that the maximum congestion of any physical link in the cycle is minimized. A simpler version of this problem is the Weighted Graph Embedding in a Cycle (WGEC) that embeds the weighted edges of a normal graph as(More)
The problem of Weighted Hypergraph Embedding in a Cycle (WHEC) is known to be NP-complete even when each hyperedge is unweighted or each weighted hyperedge contains exactly two vertices. In this paper, we propose an approximation algorithm for the WHEC problem to provide a solution with approximation bound of 1.5(opt + w max), where opt represents the(More)
In this study, we aim to develop a pricing mechanism that reduces the effects resulted by vindictive advertisers who bid on sponsored search auctions run by search engine providers. In particular, we aim to ensure payment fairness and price stability in these auctions. With the generalized second price principle, advertisers pay the next-ranked bid value(More)
Mobile commerce has emerged as an innovative technology due to the prevailing of pervasive computing. However, on-line secure transaction mechanisms can not be applied to the mobile commerce due to the inadequate computing capability of mobile devices and lower security of wireless transmission than that of wired transmission. It is mandatory how to proceed(More)