Hanming Chen

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Glu receptors are known to function as Glu-activated ion channels that mediate mostly excitatory neurotransmission in animals. Glu receptor-like genes have also been reported in higher plants, although their function is largely unknown. We have identified a rice (Oryza sativa) Glu receptor-like gene, designated GLR3.1, in which mutation by T-DNA insertion(More)
Plant lipoxygenases (LOXs) are a functionally diverse class of dioxygenases implicated in physiological processes such as growth, senescence, and stress-related responses. LOXs incorporate oxygen into their fatty acid substrates and produce hydroperoxide fatty acids that are precursors of jasmonic acid and related compounds. Here, we report the involvement(More)
In the context of real-time fault-tolerant scheduling in Distributed Control systems, Primary-backup scheme plays an important role. A backup copy is always preferred to be executed as passive backup-copy whenever possible because it can take the advantages of backup copy de-allocation technique and overloading technique to improve schedulabilty. In this(More)
—In this paper, we focus on camera calibration problem of circular markers. We propose the iterative method to calculate the coordinates of tangency points, and then get the camera parameters due to the imaging model. To reduce the error, we preprocess the original image using LoG edge Detection. At last, we simulate and test this method. The results show(More)
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