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The information technology (IT) and IT products industry has become the essential " first pillar " industry and an important force behind the growth of China's national economy. However, information technology-related electrical and electronic waste has also caused a considerable environmental burden to China. This paper focuses on the developing circular(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the distribution of prevalence rate of osteoporosis in the middle - aged and elderly in parts of China. METHODS Bone mineral density (BMD) was measured and questionnaires were taken for 5593 people aged above 40 years in five administrative areas in China selected by the stratified - multi - steps - cluster sampling method. (More)
A cross-sectional survey was conducted in Shanghai, eastern China, to evaluate the prevalence of loss of muscle mass corresponding to sarcopenia in Chinese men and women and compare the results with the prevalence in other populations. We also analyzed the differences between men and women, and assessed the effect of lean mass and fat mass of different(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationships between the polymorphisms of estrogen receptor (ER) gene, bone mineral density (BMD) and bone biochemical markers in Chinese postmenopausal women. METHODS BMD of lumbar spine and femoral neck were measured using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) in 186 Chinese postmenopausal women. The PvuII and XbaI(More)
Osteoporosis has become an important health problem in postmenopausal Chinese women. Bisphosphonates currently are the preferred therapy for treating osteoporosis. However, the use of daily regimen of alendronate in women at risk for osteoporosis has been relatively low in China because of its dosing inconvenience. To determine the efficacy and tolerability(More)
OBJECTIVE Sarcopenia might be associated with bone fragility in elderly individuals. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence of sarcopenia and its association with fragility fracture sites in elderly Chinese patients. METHODS Patients (322 men and 435 women) aged 65-94 years and with a history of fragility fractures in the ankle, wrist, vertebrae(More)
VO2 (M) STF through reduction of V2O5 STF was prepared. The results illustrate that V2O5 STF can be successfully obtained by oblique angle thermal evaporation technique. After annealing at 550 °C/3 min, the V2O5 STF deposited at 85° can be easily transformed into VO2 STF with slanted columnar structure and superior thermochromic properties. After deposition(More)
In this paper, we consider multi-component generalizations of the Hirota–Satsuma coupled Korteweg–de Vries (KdV) equation. By introducing a Lax pair, we present a matrix generalization of the Hirota–Satsuma coupled KdV equation, which is shown to be reduced to a vector Hirota–Satsuma coupled KdV equation. By using Hirota's bilinear method, we find a few(More)
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