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Data center is a field which has high investment of funds, manpower and operations in IT components. Now, the green data center construction which has the core idea of energy conservation and emission reduction is the main projection of IT industry. New generation unified switch architecture can provide users a brief and green data center. Combined with the(More)
By analyzing the difference of protocol construction angle and equipment processing angle between VPLS whose core is MPLS and VPLS two-layer networking model whose core network in IP network, this paper has proposed that PE equipment performance is easy to overload because VPLS two-layer networking model based on IP costs a large number of resource when(More)
This paper presents a device used in a new type of EDM CNC machining pulse power, a detailed analysis of each functional module design ideas and conducted experiments related to power, the experimental results show that the pulsed power supply stable and reliable operation, the processing efficiency is higher and achieves the desired design goals.
This paper has designed an electrical discharge machining numerical control system based on DSP (Digital Signal Processor). By the nice man-machine interactive interface, this CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system can operate devices automatically. It uses assembly language and has improved the system reliability and efficiency. The application of the(More)
This paper analyzed the development of the data center, the development trend of data center, the next-generation data center network requirements, the requirements of network equipment and discussed the technology realization method of the next-generation data center. Combined with Cisco's VN-Link technology and UCS Virtual Interface Card, the analysis and(More)
This paper proposes a new definition method of the shared nearest neighbor and applies it to the clustering algorithm based on the density. The new definition considers both the number of shared nearest neighbors and the distance between data objects to optimize the traditional standard. The improved clustering algorithm is applied to the real dataset Iris.(More)
On the basis of the electrical discharge machining (EDM) device's technical requirements, this paper applies fuzzy control technology to numeric control pulse power supply. By designing the fuzzy control rules, we have realized the intelligent control of molding devices. The result of the power supply experiment indicates that this control project has(More)
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