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Logging is a simple yet surprisingly versatile and powerful implementation technique. Since its invention and popularization as a recovery technique for transactional databases [3], it has been used for a variety of other purposes such as updating meta-data in file systems [4], exploiting write-once media [2, 12], maintaining authentication audit trails(More)
As any battle-scarred veteran will testify, debugging a distributed system in production use is an enterprise fraught with great difficulty and frustration. By the time the system is released for production use, most of the easy bugs have been found and fixed. The remaining bugs are typically non-deterministic in nature, and will only manifest themselves(More)
The interactions of soluble and insoluble immunoglobulin G (IgG) complexes with macromolecular rheumatoid factor (RF) and platelets were examined in an in vitro system permitting observation of platelet activities which may contribute to rheumatoid inflammation. Studies of the aggregation phenomenon by the nephalometric technique and by selective(More)
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