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Arrays and Array Manipulation
While Visual Basic lets you easily create arrays, it contains no intrinsic methods for most common tasks for working with arrays, so you need to write your own subroutines for this.
Objects, Objects, and More Objects
Object-oriented programming has been around a long time and has been part of Visual Basic, at least to some degree, since VB was introduced—of which some new, unique uses are presented here.
Persistence: Remembering What You Can’t Afford to Forget
I can’t remember the number of times that I wanted to save something, and I can’t remember the number of times I couldn’t remember where I saved what I couldn’t afford to forget....
A Visual Basic 6 Programmer’s Toolkit
Most intermediate to advanced programmers strive to understand the "why" as well as the "how" in solving problems and this book provides complete explanations for many common requirements.
Windows Help Systems—From the Inside
Usually, you’ll want your Visual Basic applications to be capable of providing users with help, but Windows help offers much greater functionality.
Localization: The Art of Talking Like a Native
Visual Basic and Windows offer powerful localization capabilities that let you write once and run in any language Windows supports—the secrets follow.
Fun with Numbers, Numeric Processing, and Logic
Most of the tough questions about numeric processing have already been answered and high-bytes, low-words, most significant bits...and more all await you.
Visual Basic 6 Bible
Backed with expert advice and tons of code examples, Visual Basic 6 Bible will help you build robust, reliable solutions that meet all your programming challenges.
Safely tap Windows API power
Working with the Operating System
At one time or another your application will need to know how much memory or what kind of processor is installed on the user’s PC. In fact, as the evolution of software moves forward, it becomes