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Previous studies have demonstrated that the divalent cation manganese (Mn) causes PC12 cells to form neurites in the absence of NGF. Since divalent cations modulate the binding affinity and specificity of integrins, and integrin function affects neurite outgrowth, we tested the hypothesis that Mn induces neurite outgrowth through an integrin-dependent(More)
The panel will explore the current state of the game industry and how best to innovate and stay fresh in an ever-changing marketplace. The implied value of innovation will be questioned along with the economic means to support it. That is to say, can we even afford to innovate? Can we afford not to?
's plans and 731%, being opposed to them. We are aware, however, that moving from such a high profile campaign to an intensive less public operation, aimed at achieving amendments to the government's proposals by means of the democratic parliamentary process, is likely to give rise to the perception that we have given up the battle. Nothing could be further(More)
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